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novel by Louisa May Alcott

adapted by Joelle Wyminga

dramaturgy by Shelby Wyminga

As the American Civil War rages, four daughters of an army chaplain, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March, befriend the boy next door and together they wrestle through the great peaks and valleys that come with growing up in a time when expectations are exacting and roles are ridged. Under the eye of their audaciously indulgent mother, the March girls and Laurie play, fight, dream, tell stories, singe their hair, fall in love, break hearts, and mourn great losses, each attempting to establish their
own unique definition of contentment and freedom in spite of society’s limitations.

Featuring the vocal talents of Shelby Wyminga, Joelle Wyminga, Zach Running Coyote, Kerri Norris, Kirsty Provan, Charlotte Denton, Matthew Simmons, John Voth, Merewyn Comeau, Rose McNeil, Stephen Elcheshen,  Anni Ramsay, and Jenaya Barker.

Sound design, editing and original music by Tyler Dumoulin. 

Directed by Shelby Wyminga.


"“[Far From the Tree’s] Little Women weekly podcast proves that they indeed have storytelling in their blood.”- Theatre Weekly

“Far From the Tree Productions and their Little Women are distinctively more professional than many other COVID-inspired productions, mostly thanks to the neat sound design and editing by Tyler Dumoulin." -Theatre Weekly

"The effortless combination of voice actors, companionate cast, original music and smooth narration reveals a bright future of the auditory theatrical landscape.” - Theatre Weekly

“The actors finishing each other’s sentences, teasing each other or talking over one another are a graceful team who perfectly balances between the dynamic dialogues and smooth flow of narration.” - Theatre Weekly

" is enjoyable, entertaining and very successful at delivering the pleasure of storytelling. The current themes of female empowerment, financial anxiety and instability, moreover, change a simple pleasure to a theatrical reflection of our times.”- Theatre Weekly

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