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"I don't perform well UNDER PRESSURE!"

The Marvelous Misadventures 

of Boofus and Schmoozle

by Joelle and Shel Wyminga

Sept 7-17, 2023 | The Vancouver Fringe Festival

Two misfit clowns find themselves up creek without a paddle when their traveling circus leaves them behind due to a bad case of stage fright. What Boofus and Schmoozle lack in polish they make up for in resourcefulness and they quickly find themselves flying through the mayhem of an impromptu performance in a last ditch attempt to learn cooperation and earn some desperately needed coin. Props fly, hyjinx abound and panic rises as the pantomiming pair hurtle through a series of desperate acts that grow progressively more surreal as buttons and boundaries are pushed. The Marvelous Misadventures Of Boofus and Schmoozle is a ludicrous celebration of sibling partnership that unabashedly explores the tension of conflicting needs and anxieties, with the comfort of having someone in your corner.

Created and Performed by Shel and Joelle Wyminga

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