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We endeavor to create honest, intimate theatre that explores the complexity of human relationships, particularly those bonds within family whether defined by blood, choice, or circumstance.



Far From The Tree Productions is committed to environmentally sustainable art-making practices, making every effort to create as little waste as possible. Our strategies include, but are not limited to, minimizing printed promotional materials, renting, reusing and repurposing set, prop, and costume pieces, building from pre-existing materials when builds are necessary, and replacing printed programs with online versions. We resolve to continue exploring newer and better ways to lessen our environmental footprint while maintaining a high artistic standard.

We believe that the magic of theatre exists in the intimate relationship between audience and performer, created through truthful storytelling. Our work seeks to simplify, making use of theatrical convention rather than spectacle so that character, story, and the exercise of imagination are emphasized.

We wish to use our platform to showcase the work and stories of women and are committed to providing opportunities for female-identifying and non-binary artists. In every Far From The Tree production, at least one-half of all contracted creative positions both on stage and off will be reserved for female and non-binary artists.

As emerging artists ourselves, we are thrilled to be able to create opportunities for others who are likewise young in craft and it is our aim to build a strong community of mutual support for emerging artists of varied backgrounds.

We are passionate about collaboration and wish to explore the endless possibilities within the creative process by challenging commonly held hierarchical structures. We approach the work with insatiable curiosity believing that no one artist holds all or any of the answers. In short, we are excited by the theatre that is ensemble-driven and allows us to come together as a family of co-creators.

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