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created by Joelle and Shel Wyminga

September 7-17, 2023

The Picnic Pavillion, Granville Island

A part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Two misfit clowns find themselves up creek without a paddle when their traveling circus leaves them behind due to a bad case of stage fright. What Boofus and Schmoozle lack in polish they make up for in resourcefulness and they quickly find themselves flying through the mayhem of an impromptu performance in a last ditch attempt to learn cooperation and earn some desperately needed coin. Props fly, hyjinx abound and panic rises as the pantomiming pair hurtle through a series of desperate acts that grow progressively more surreal as buttons and boundaries are pushed. The Marvelous Misadventures Of Boofus and Schmoozle is a ludicrous celebration of sibling partnership that unabashedly explores the tension of conflicting needs and anxieties, with the comfort of having someone in your corner.



Boofus, Creator, and Producer

Shel Wyminga (They/She)

Shel Wyminga was born purple from asphyxia and couldn't cry for the first several moments of their life. Thankfully, they soon managed to catch their breath and haven't shut up since. They eventually embraced the inevitable and completed their BFA in Acting through the School of the Arts, Media, and Culture at TWU where they studied Visual Art alongside their theatrical pursuits. Recent acting credits include Jo/Trisha in The Pink Unicorn,  Jo March in Little Women: A Workshop (Far From the Tree),  Edgar in King Lear (Promethean), Peter Pan in Neverland Night Circus (Geekenders), Jane in (/hello,wold); (MindStorm Radio), Jo March in Little Women: an audio play (Far From The Tree), Marta Reddy in Cariboo Magi (Far From The Tree), and Henry and The Dauphin in Henry V (Stone's Throw).


Love is love, trans women are women, trans men are men and my God loves ALL their kids.


Schmoozle, Creator,and Producer

Joelle Wyminga (She/Her)

Joelle is a multidisciplinary theatre artist working in Vancouver primarily as a director, actor, producer, and costume designer. Armed with comfortable shoes and an impressive jean jacket collection, Joelle tells stories that examine the complexities of humanity in all its forms and delve deep into what makes people inherently human while exploring “theatre magic” and testing the limitations of the audience’s imagination. A history and literature buff, Joelle particularly likes to tell stories surrounding historical events through innovative reimagining, while opening the floor up for all to discuss our triumphs and downfalls of our past.

Previous credits include; The Pink Unicorn- Director, Little Women: A Workshop- Script Adaptor and Director, Cariboo Magi- Director and Costume Designer (FFTT), Julie- Assistant Director (Untold Wants and Alma Matters), (/hello, world)- Harriet (MindStorm Radio), King Lear- Edmund (Promethean Theatre), Little Women: An Audio Play- Amy March, Script Adaptor, and Producer (FFTT),The Comedy of Errors- Adriana, and The Cover of Life- Tood (TWU), Peter and the Starcatcher- Costume Designer (Storybook), Tuck Everlasting- Costume Designer (Arts Umbrella), and Kill The Ripper- Costume Designer (Geekenders/Affair of Honor). 

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