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"Because LOVING you, just the way you are, is the light that will lead me through this DARK WORLD."

The Pink Unicorn by Elise Forier Edie

July 18-29, 2023 | Pacific Theatre, 1440 W 12th Ave, Vancouver

A Christian, single mom finds herself the begrudging center of controversy in her small, Texan hometown when her non-binary child attempts to form a Gay Straight Alliance at the local high school. Through a series of clumsily earnest attempts to support and defend her kid, Trisha Lee finds herself not only facing off with the high school principal, but her family, her pastor, half the town, and countless detractors on the internet, all while wrestling her own discomfort with the diverse identities that have rallied around her. Performed by Shel Wyminga, this production center's Jo, as they play their own mother, giving new breath to old memories.

Performed by Shel Wyminga

Directed by Joelle Wyminga

Stage Managment by Diyalla Malijian 

Set and Costume design by Joelle and Shelby Wyminga

Sound design by Tyler Dumoulin

Lighting design by Christian Ching


"The Pink Unicorn gains strength from a down-to-earth and personal approach, bringing nuance to its profoundly pertinent and timely subject matter." -Angie Rico, Vancouver Plays

"Wyminga’s performance captures a vulnerability that carefully balances levity with a compelling sense of spirituality and emotional depth." -Angie Rico, Vancouver Plays

"The choice to feature more of Jo, however subtle, holds special significance with a queer performer leading the play; Shel Wyminga's performance adds an additional layer of depth to the production's exploration of identity and acceptance." -Angie Rico, Vancouver Plays

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